Harvard World Model United Nations 2017

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In March 2017, Dawson College Model United Nations hosted the 26th annual Harvard World Model United Nations in Montreal with the collaboration of Tourisme Montreal and the Palais des congrès de Montreal. The conference coincided with the celebration of Montreal’s 375th anniversary in addition to Canada’s 150th anniversary. It was held from March 13-17, 2017.

Harvard WorldMUN 2017 welcomed 2,500 participants from more than 115 countries around the globe, making it one of the most international and diverse conferences. Known as the Olympics of Model UN, the conference places a strong focus on discussing global issues affecting the international community and emphasizes on the importance of building friendships, bringing together students from different backgrounds and cultures. This ‘WorldMUN Spirit’ found itself at home in Montreal, an international metropolis with a diverse multiculturalism.

Since its foundation, the Montreal United Nations Conference has focused on creating a platform for students to learn about international affairs with the ability to think critically about social, economic and political issues. Through the work of Dawson College’s very own, Ted Irwin and Chris Bourne, the successful bid to host Harvard WorldMUN was a product of years of hard work at Dawson College Model United Nations, creating a strong and dedicated network of students and youth leaders. Dawson College’s Director General, Mr. Richard Filion, was  instrumental in making this possible through his continued support of Dawson College Model United Nations and its activities.

The Organizing Committee for Harvard WorldMUN 2017 included Dawson College students and alumni, such as the Secretary-General of the Montreal United Nations Conference 2017, Jonathan Sasson. Several past and current staffers at the Montreal United Nations Conference were additionally members of the Organizing Committee.

The Montreal United Nations Conference has built a reputation over the years making it known for its dedication to the virtues of diplomacy, professionalism and diversity. Harvard WorldMUN 2017 has been qualified as a "resounding success" by participants, achieving a very high conference rating making it one of the most successful conference editions of Harvard WorldMUN. 

We want to take a moment to highlight the members of the Organizing Committee for their outstanding work in undertaking this monumental task.

  • Jonathan Sasson (Host Team President)
  • Adrian Sanchez Roy (Director of Social Events)
  • Alexandra Fokina (Director of Public Relations)
  • Christelle Tessono (Director of Finance)
  • Andréa Baptiste (Director of Fundraising)
  • George Stoyanov (Director of Logistics)
  • Shehrbano Jamali Niazi (Director of Services)
  • Maha Cherid (Director of Volunteers)
  • Ommu-Kulsoom Jumada Abdul-Rahman (Director of Staff)
  • Feodora Chouakri (Deputy Director of Social Events)
  • Maria Belen Alonso (Deputy Director of Public Relations)
  • Sabrina Rahman (Deputy Director of Finance)
  • Samuel Miriello (Deputy Director of Fundraising)
  • Henry Yu (Deputy Director of Logistics)
  • Xavier Girard (Deputy Director of Logistics)
  • Esther Kang (Deputy Director of Services)
  • Charline Côté-Lessard (Deputy Director of Volunteers)
  • Kamila Majidova (Deputy Director of Staff)
  • Ted Irwin (Faculty Adviser)
  • Chris Bourne (Faculty Adviser)


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