Dear Delegates, Faculty Advisers, Alumni, and Friends,

It is with delight that we welcome you to the seventh session of the Montreal United Nations Conference (MUNC). Over the years, MUNC has become a tradition for students from Canada and abroad. It is a place where friendships are created, spirits are cultivated, and abilities are developed. With each year that passes, we keep organizing this conference because we are confident that it helps foster creativity and teambuilding skills, both of which are instrumental to the world of tomorrow. We also know the joy and overwhelming pride that comes with receiving support for your resolution or giving a good speech, and we strive to give that experience to all our delegates.

Our host Dawson College has been with us since the very beginning. They play an instrumental role in the logistics of the conference by providing technical and administrative support as we welcome more and more participants with each edition. We strive to constantly deliver interesting committees that will make delegates research harder and learn as much as possible in a weekend. We take pride in our network of schools that we have built over the years that keep coming back as they recognize our work.

As with previous editions, we will be hosting two committee divisions: Blue and Orange. The Blue Division will be composed of secondary school and college students while the Orange Division will be for college and university students. We are also keeping up with our tradition of featuring UN-based committees with some new ones like the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) and the United Nations Conference on International Organization (San Francisco Conference), in addition to bringing back some past favourites like the International Court of Justice (ICJ) and the United Nations General Assembly Fourth Committee (SPECPOL). Our goal is to pick committees that are on a wide spectrum so each delegate can find something to fit their preferences whether they love a challenging historical crisis or a mindboggling societal debate. 

Our staffers are the backbone of the conference. They have each been carefully selected to deliver the highest experience because we value our relationship with participants. We appreciate the outstanding dedication and commitment of our staffers towards creating capturing committee experiences.

But alas, there remains one piece to the puzzle that is MUNC. It is the most important piece, one that we cannot live without. That is our delegates. All we do is for them as we know that Model UN is a sport like no other. It is one of the best and most formative experiences you could participate in as a student, and one that you will remember forever. Whether it is a delegate’s first or last conference, the only one they will enroll in or the 20th one, we thank you deeply for trusting us. We can only hope that they come out of this simulation with busted brains from twisting around an issue a hundred times, with political allies or enemies that became friends, but, most importantly, with a prideful smile on their face.

Join us this November in downtown Montreal for the experience of a lifetime.

With appreciation.

Montreal United Nations Conference 2019