United Nations Global Compact Board


The United Nations Global Compact Board (UNGCB), appointed and chaired by the United Nations Secretary-General, is designed as a multi-stakeholder body, providing ongoing strategic and policy advice for the initiative as a whole and making recommendations to the Global Compact Office, participants and other stakeholders. It comprises four constituency groups — business, civil society, labour and the United Nations. Board members are champions willing and able to advance the Global Compact’s mission, acting in a personal, honorary and unpaid capacity. Drawing in particular on the expertise and recommendations of its business members, the Board is also expected to play a role in the implementation of the Global Compact’s integrity measures. In addition to their overall Board responsibilities, the civil society and labour constituency groups are expected to provide close liaison to their communities and share insights into the most recent trends and best practices of corporate sustainability in their respective domains.


  1. Indigenous Rights Within Business Policies
  2. Promoting Good Governance


Chair: Cassandra Moschella (McGill University)
Assistant Chair: Amanda Clohosy (Dawson College)
Assistant Chair: Julienne Wang (Université de Montréal, Faculty of Law)
Assistant Chair: Nicholas Rousseau (Marianopolis College)



Cassandra Moschella


Amanda Clohosy
Assistant Chair


Julienne Wang
Assistant Chair


Nicholas Rousseau
Assistant Chair