UNCSW Sets Awareness on Violence

This year UNCSW (United Nations Commission on the Status of Women) began by approaching the topic of woman rights at their annual conference. Many countries are worried that no boundaries are set in some of the less develop countries, but in their defense, they explained that it is hard to change a whole states cultural habits are complicated and difficult. While discussing more methods they want to establish in their countries, Colombia and Venezuela delegates clarified that even if there is a law that protects women from the violence they would like to spread awareness on the topic. They also explained that even with the law set to protect them, women in their countries are still scared to report because they still don’t feel protected or they aren’t informed about the laws that can protect them. The delegate from Colombia explained that they would like to enforce two of their organization such as MUJER an organization that helps vulnerable share their thoughts and NGO. A topic that was also conveyed by Venezuela is that countries should educate the man and boys about what is happening, there is 600 cases yearly but only 4 that are sentenced. They also want to inform to women who are affected by the violence that it is okay to talk out loud and to report.

CNN Montréal