The Empowerment of Countries Is Needed. Does UNDP Have the Solution?

Developing countries are very vulnerable to natural disasters. Due to lack of money, these countries do not have the equipment in place to provide them with warnings of incoming natural disasters. They do not have the proper structure to protect themselves if disaster strikes. All of which makes it extremely difficult to recover after a disaster.

In the face of climate change, these natural disasters are becoming more frequent and an increasing problem for many people in the world.

The United Nations Development Programme has the goal of aiding countries like these who are facing developmental challenges. The UNDP has chosen to focus on natural disasters and possibilities for tackling this pressing issue. One suggestion brought up is to create a buddy system between a developing and developed country where aid will be provided. This connection will facilitate communication and the specific needs of developing country will be met without lengthy procedural matters. With the countries in the UNDP working on the project, there is hope for the future of these at risk countries.

The United States stresses that education and drills will be the solution to these issues of natural disasters.

The committee generally agrees with this point since knowledge of the situation will help people react to disasters in a way that will save lives. The UNDP has paired education with the sharing technology. This research already exists and if developing countries have access to this they will have more efficient ways of protecting themselves from disasters. Japan is using structures that are already in place. They plan to work with the Red Cross to provide disaster recovery to all countries that are already a part of the program.

What these other countries don’t realize is the France and China have been active in a project to create a new funding method. This fund will be made up of other funds brought together under the UNDP. The underdeveloped countries need financial aid because education will not be the leading factor in aiding these countries.

France and China believe that this project will eliminate corruption and get money to countries in need faster.

This group has started a working paper that streamlines the the point made others in the committee. To remove the possibility of bias, they suggest that members of the UNDP that has no affiliation with any country will be running the fund. They will use the money from this fund to raise awareness, educate the population, and fund new infrastructures. They have the hope that countries in need will receive relief in a timely fashion when it is needed. They have an ambitious goal. With the support of the delegates of the UNDP they may have the chance of accomplishing their goal.