Respecting Human Rights Is at the Heart of SPECPOL’s Mission. Will They Accomplish This Goal in the Face of PMSC’s?

Sometimes countries believe that military aid is the only solution for their conflict filled situation. At this point they turn to companies for military aid. These Private Military and Security Companies (PMSC) often do not abide by the same laws as the United Nations. In fact, they may not even respect the laws of the country who hired them. There have been many cases where these soldiers have violated human rights and have not been prosecuted for their crimes. This is the reason SPECPOL has held a conference that is discussing possible solutions to these soldier’s criminal infractions.

In this conference, Let’s PMSC What We Can Do has suggested many possible solutions.

This group first and foremost defines PMSCs clearly and concisely. The goal is to prevent any confusion or misunderstandings of their role. The resolution outlines how regulations will be implement to keep PMSCs in check. Restrictions on the amount of weapons in their possession and a limited amount of military personnel will both be applied. Let’s PMSC What We Can Do also proposes to holding countries who hire PMSC’s accountable if the soldiers they hire break any human rights laws. The resolution also stresses how working together with other countries is key. If everyone can cooperate then there is a possible future of following human rights laws in these conflict zones.

Another resolution choose to spend some time discussing the who the PMSC soldiers will be. They emphasis that numerous laws will be put in place to make sure that the PMSC will be made up of individuals who want to uphold peace and that believe in a safe future for the countries. These soldiers will no longer be mercenaries. Instead, the resolution ensures that the PMSC soldiers will be stable people who have no monetary interests that can hinder their ability to aid the country. Mandatory licensing is also an important implementation in the structure of PMSC’s.

The most incredible occurrence in this conference is the collaborative efforts of all the delegates. Their innovative ideas stem from combining different ideas from all delegates. Countries have put aside their differences behind them in order to solve the issue of of PMSC’s. There is a sense of unity in the room with everyone sharing ideas for the betterment of the world.