Earthquake Hits Seaside Azerbaijan, War Declared

War has struck the once peaceful region of Nagorno–Karabakh, as Armenia and Azerbaijan clash for the ethnically Armenian region. As the security council debates, two sides have already formed, the “for peacekeepers” believing that a peacekeeping force should be sent to prevent atrocities, and the “against peacekeepers”, a group believing that nothing should be done, and in the case of the USSR, even side with Armenia to invade Azerbaijan. As Russia gears for war, the rest of the council is trying it’s hardest in preventing a larger conflict between the allies of the belligerents. As this continues the conflict becomes more and more alike to that Iraq war, with Russia replacing the US in an idiotic move. Every country apart from Bulgaria is completely against any taking sides on the conflict. As Zambia pointed out, taking sides will simply explode the conflict, going from a small regional conflict to a massive, and possibly world ending total war.

On top of that, in the rural area of Nagorno–Karabakh, an earthquake has struck a seaside town, blocking off all main roads and preventing security services from gaining access. Currently the situation is unknown, however it is believed ethnic cleansing in the area might be also effecting the town. Due to the tense situation surrounding the region, the earthquake has already fallen on ears of the Security council, where the West-German delegate has already recommended that the USSR send relief supplies as fast as possible to the area to stabilize it and bring much needed food, water, and medical supplies.

As both Zambia and the United States pointed out, the USSR caused this ethnic strife with their forced relocations, how can we trust them to send aid? During their session, the USSR refused multiple times to speak about the matter, and according to the United States, may not even be willing to help it’s semi-autonomous people in this dispute quite simply, to hold onto power even longer. Thankfully, both France and Bulgaria are willing to send in their own relief, keeping the reds from oppressing their people even more.

Fox News Montreal