3 Things You Need to Know About What the UNCSW Is Doing

1.They chose to talk about their second topic over their first.

Yup, this is some standard UN stuff. The UNCSW pretty much unanimously decided to talk about institutional violence against women rather than sustainable development. Not much to talkabout here but just thought that I should give y’all a little heads up.

2.Changing a few laws will solve literally all your problems in life, and maybe find you a girlfriend. Who knows what can happen.

It was raised by several countries during committee session that a few law changes would counter violence against women. While that is a pretty legit stance to take you also have to ask yourself this: why do murders happen? Murder in almost every country is illegal, yet it still occurs. That is partly because people tend to think a certain way and don’t care about laws. The same works for this: While laws will discourage a lot of outright criminals from doing… criminal things, it will not completely solve the underlying issue. Think about laws like gravy at your Thanksgiving dinner, a lot of people are going to put it on their turkey because it is absolutely delicious, but you are still going to have a few hipster vegans that are going to insist that their kale sauce on tofu is better. You’re going to need more than just gravy to make everyone eat whatever the hell a turducken is. (Kale sauce on tofu is a metaphor for institutional violence against women in this context)

3.Have a bunch of community leaders whisper gender equality into your ear so that you can become a feminist

The entire committee recognized that the problem of institutionalized violence against women can be widely attributed to the fact that in some places of the world, (fake cough) Iran, women are genuinely viewed to be “second class citizens.” They came together and recognized that in order for long term change to be fostered, long term action must take place. Norway and other countries discussed an education system reform emphasizing gender equality and Spain even thought to work with community and religious leaders to spread the love. This is the finishing touch on the beautiful Thanksgiving turkey that is gender equality. Vegans will never eat a turkey regardless of how much gravy is on it, so the solution is to naturally convince them that veganism is morally wrong. It is only through this combination of gravy and whisper tactics that real, long-term change can occur to establish women as individuals truly equal to men. There is no reason why these two policies cannot co-exist and it is important for the committee to recognize that.

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