Although there was only little time left, the UNHCR moves into its second topic. Today there are thousands of Rohingya people displaced from their country because Myanmar’s military has been persecuting them for their beliefs. Myanmar refuses to acknowledge that there is a crisis. The delegation of Myanmar had this to say: “We are running a counter insurgency measure within our borders. There is no crisis to begin with,” and “we need to keep in mind that the Rohingya are Bengali immigrants”. Myanmar also wishes for countries to send their help to Bangladesh instead.

Other countries have stated their concern for the Rohingya, and their desire to help out. The United Kingdom stated, “it is important to actively see an end to the Rohingya crisis”. Other countries believe that Myanmar has the right to deny citizenships to the Rohingya people despite the fact that they have been there since before Myanmar was even a country.

Mya Smith - BBC