UNHCR: Heightened tensions during voting procedures

Throughout the final hours of the day two committees entered voting procedures on the resolutions presented by the countries in the UNHCR committee members. After a day of hard work pertaining to the solutions for the rising refugee crisis, it all came to that moment.

Tensions were heightened as countries got really passionate in defending their draft resolutions. Words were exchanged between the delegation of the United States and Argentina on the matters of education in economics.

Despite, tensions, confusion and attempts to delay voting, members managed to get into business and vote on resolutions. Quite a few resolutions were passed, with the exception of the one the Russian Federation included which empathized with how the acceptance of refugees puts a strain countries’ resources. If it were passed, it would have been a historic resolution as there were partnerships formed with unlikely countries which included North Korea and the United States.

Even if there were some resolutions that were not passed many of them did, which is a great thing for all the refugees who need more support in this rising crisis.

Paul Terrado - Russia Today