1956: America Attacks Moscow, Committees Furious

Last night, American and British forces air raided the capital of the USSR, Moscow. This rose the tension between the Soviet and American delegates to an extremely high degree. Multiple countries have attempted to step in and multiple insults were thrown between the two nations.

When asked what she felt about the entire situation, the commie stated, “I think it was a cowardly move and it was stupid. I think they forgot the power of the USSR and how strong the Communism bonds hold us together. They should cease soon, as the USSR won't be threatened or provoked in this manner.”

When asked about the virus of communism spreading through the east, America responded, “We, as a nation, do not support Communism. Its being used to control people instead of its intention to liberate them. We cannot support such a controlling regime.”

The countries of Jordan and Canada also voiced their opinion. Canada, as a multiculturalist and Soviet collaborator, said that they welcomed anyone. Jordan, however, rejected the notion of Communism, as it does not mix with Arab nationalism.

Britain, being an allied force, stated, “I stand with my ally, the United States, in their decision to free the suffering citizens of the USSR.”
As of yet, no other actions have been taken by other countries.

Kaden DaCruz - CNN