Will Education Help Africa?

The African Union’s topic right now is to achieve and set an agenda by 2063. The most popular idea is to enhance African education systems. When asked how they could make Africa a safer, better place, the delegation of Sudan stated “First of all, we need to find out how we get financing… we can tax each country progressively based on their GDP. This will help to fund the education of women and technological education”. When asked the same question to the delegation of Madagascar, they responded “We basically need to improve on everything. Especially economy, and education to create more solidarity and unite African countries in the future. Education will also help to eradicate corruption”.

Some other scattered ideas were to create donation programs for education and also to start a program for pregnant young women who believe that their only choice is to drop out of school.

“Many, many children do not get to go to school because of the beliefs of their parents”. said the delegate of Sierra Leone. Plenty of countries think that there needs to be a cultural shift in the adults before they can influence their youth; meaning that the parents need to understand that education is vital for children because it will benefit them in the long run.

The African Union has made great progress on these topics, and some resolutions are already on their way. They are also discussing what is not going well, in order to improve and ensure progress.

Mya Smith - BBC