What Better Education is Going to do in Africa

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The African Union has been debating education for most of the day, but what is education actually going to do for Africa? I asked some of the delegates who represent African countries and here’s what they said:

“Giving children education will give us more workers” -Algeria

“Africa will have a promising future by allowing everyone in it to have education” -Rwanda

“Education help people get jobs that aren’t just in agriculture but adding the option to be an engineer. Basically we want to change it from poverty reduction to wealth creation.” -Burundi

Although some blocs believe differently, one says that before they tackle the education problem there are other problems that need to be resolved, because if you educate the youth without fixing the economy first they will leave to countries with more promising jobs.

Also many countries agree that some children’s parents need them to work and if we force them to go to school instead of help out at home then they could suffer; but if there is way to educate the youth while also keeping the needs of the family in mind, they are all for it.

Mya Smith - BBC