America a Voice of Reason in Security Council Reform Task Force

American and Russian representatives shaking hands

American and Russian representatives shaking hands

(Transcript from our evening broadcast)

[Sean Hannity, evening anchor]

Now, for an update on the tense discussions happening at the UN today:

[Tucker Carlson, commentator]

The US representative to the UNGA (pictured above shaking hands with Russia’s rep.) was highly productive in today’s first meeting of the committee, whose aim is to examine which steps, if any, need to be taken to reform the security council.

Countries, especially those from the G4, as well as Algeria, voiced their support for the expansion of veto rights to more nations. The UK and France, notably, reaffirmed their friendship, stating that they are “absolutely BFFs” and that they will work together to make the UNSC more representative of our times. In particular, they support adding more temporary members to the Security Council.

Russia played an important and controversial role in the session : despite repeated attempts at passing a moderated caucus to discuss Russia’s appalling use of veto power, which were highly supported by the chairs, the committee was uninterested in examining the soviet giant’s history. Russia rejected vehemently all accusations of its invasion of Crimea and subsequent use of veto power to prevent international intervention, stating that these attacks were “hypocritical” and that “all P5 nations have used veto in their favor.”

China was also highly critical of the US, affirming the “constant need to keep US power in check.” The Eastern giant also made bogus claims about the US not paying its dues in the Security Council. Our representative, meanwhile, was busy making progress with allies to defend our interests by maintaining America’s veto power, while expanding it to other nations in a limited capacity.

[Sean Hannity]

Alright, thank you Tucker. Now, for our special report on the violent fires ravaging California.

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