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(Transcript from our evening broadcast)

[Tucker Carlson, evening anchor]

US representative to DISEC David Cao (pictured on the screen) showed great strength in this evening’s first DISEC committee session. Sanctions against Iran and DPRK due to their unruly nuclear programs, proposed by representative Cao, are gaining traction : Israel, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, UK, France, and more have all expressed vocal support. Meanwhile, Myanmar vehemently disagrees, basing itself on shaky claims of sovereignty.

This is a pressing issue and great threat to the US : Russia reaffirmed in front of the whole body the need for nuclear weapons in “military defense and training.” This is highly alarming and it is shocking none of the reps picked up on this clear threat.

What’s more, Saudi Arabia threatened to use nukes on Iran, should it restart its nuclear program. Diplomacy is clearly the way to go, and if S.A. maintains its stance the US must impose consequences to prevent fallout.

[Chris Wallace]

Let me ask you this, Tucker : why is the UN discussing this at all? As Oman put it, “[UN representatives] don’t have to think about the consequences, it’s the UN.” This administration must put into question the current use of US taxpayers’ money here. Why are we, US citizens, paying thousands of dollars to arrive at a useless treaty? It is clear sanctions are the way to go and can be negotiated outside of DISEC.

Ironically, China affirmed it will “never strike first”—why, then, is the Eastern giant still supporting the DPRK? US must push back, and we are confident Cao will do so, but I have to say this is truly ridiculous.

[Tucker Carlson, evening anchor]

Alright, that was reporter Chris Wallace. Now, for our special report on the “New NAFTA.”

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