UNSC: East Timor’s Red Revolution

East Timor has been under the occupation of Portugal colonists since the beginning of the 16th century. After all these years,  a revolution can now be felt and delegates at the United Nations Security Council have been leading discussions surrounding the fall of the Portuguese fascist regime.  

In fact, the Fretilin left-leaning independence movement of East Timor rose to power by violent means.  The Fretilin have cause no civilian casualties but 500 combatants.

The president Sujarto has not been acknowledging East Timor as an Independent State which caused more anger to the left-wing formation.

Many delegates disagree with the actions of the party. The delegation of India has been describing them as a brutal and violent group that are only hungry for power.

On the other hand, the delegation of Nigeria supports the actions of the Fretilin since they are leading a movement that draws East Timor away from its colonized years.

Other delegations including the United Kingdom have been requesting a diplomatic and non-violent process. In addition, while agreeing with the delegation of the United Kingdom, the delegation of East Timor would like to put forward a democratic election process.

By Rosalie Lanteigne  • Euronews last updated: 26/10/1974