UNOOSA: China Accuses America of Cheating in the Space Race

Earlier today, China accused the USA of holding back precious resources and materials in order to get ahead in interstellar travel.

China’s accusations came right after a request for resources by America, claiming that America does not share their technology with other countries.

“The decision to not work with China was unilateral. It's not helping anyone to have the ban, especially the world. The US and China are the most developed in their space program. It would not help them to work apart,” states the Delegation of China.

China also claimed that America’s current mindset would only benefit conservatives and the Alt-Right.

When asked about why he mentioned conservatives, the delegate said, “Conservatives don’t like working with China. They use their conspiracy theories to get away with hate and xenophobia to our culture.”

America’s delegate responded by stating the allegations as completely false. “China has been increasingly aggressive on its foreign policy on the world stage. It’s clear they are trying to spin off their aggression as a corrupt policy of the United States of America.”

The delegate of America would also like to reiterate about programs such as GPS, weather tracking, etc.

Currently, America is rallying to bring a security program to this committee.

“If congress passes my bills, it would be of National Security concerns.”

Kaden DaCruz - CNN