Unity for Space Development

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In the crowded room of delegates, one thing is clear there is a consensus that there should more development of aspects of the developments of space exploration and education.

Many countries expressed interest on working together in developing the global space program through education of the future generations.

Even though there was tension shown between China and the United States pertaining to accusations of superpowers being rather selfish with their respective aspects of space exploration, rather than being open to partnerships with other space agencies. It was still the intention for many countries including the superpowers to work together in more developments of space exploration and education.

Russia was especially clear on their message to expand space development through education, the development of more space oriented industries and more developments of technologies with space. Russia is also clear of their openness to expand partnerships across the globe in space development, making it clear that Russia in the forefront of partnerships with the global community with the aspects of space.

Paul Terrado - Russia Today