UNHCR: The Trump Administration Bashes Multiple Countries’ Foreign Policies. Tensions Rise

Earlier today, the delegate for the Trump Administration was caught questioning Japan and other countries’ ability to follow foreign policy. When asked, the Administration concurred with the statement and named the delegate of Germany in particular, who just happened to be walking by.

Germany made an off-hand remark about the Administration working with North Korea, which sent her into a frenzy.

Many statements were issued, including “Trump is the best president ever,” and something about Angela Merkel's business under the table.

After the event, the Administration stated:  “The United States of America believes countries should not only be dictated by their ideologies but should be directed by the interests of the people in their nation. By working with all countries we can achieve a comprehensive solution.”

Japan is currently the 4th highest donor to the UNHCR. They are also a humanitarian country that sends peacekeeping troops.

Kaden DaCruz - CNN