USA and Indonesia striking deal to restore peace, freedom to East Timor

USA and Indonesia striking deal to restore peace, freedom to East Timor

UN Watches Helplessly as Conflict Escalates in East Timor, USA takes things in its own hands.

(Transcript from evening news)

[Sean Hannity]

Despite a timed crisis and escalation of the number of troops present in East Timor, the UN is still failing to pass a joint directive to address the crisis. The US is remaining strong, however, and taking things into its own hands. It struck a deal in the 11th hour with Indonesia to fight back the East Timor government, and restore peace and stability to the region, which is going through live.

While the US was busy trying to strike a peace deal, Australia, Nigeria, India, and Mexico were busy trying to put taxpayer money into their own pockets by negotiating deals to extract oil from the region while in session at the UN.

Rumors were brewing that the USSR and East Timor were plotting to use Weapons of Mass Destruction to fight back in the region. The US successfully talked them out of the crazy plan, however.

[Tucker Carlson]

That’s truly shocking, Sean, and so is this : remember that humanitarian aid ship that was shot down by troops passing as American? Turns out, it was the Fretilin government, in collaboration with the Soviets, that were behind the attack that harmed their own people, a CIA report found. Clearly, the Fretilin government does not have the interest of its own people at heart, and I believe that the US will be successful in restoring democracy in the region.

[Sean Hannity]

Thank you for that breathtaking revelation, Tucker. Now, the Florida recount : is it a hox? We find out after these quick messages.

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