The West’s Denuclearization Program

France, the US, Italy, South Korea and Israel have formed a coalition with a goal to “denuclearize” and disarm what they call “unstable regions”.

“Examples of unstable regions include: North Korea, Iran and Pakistan.” According to the delegate representing the US.

This coalition’s goal is to moderate countries that are considered “Threats”. While three countries out of five countries in the coalition (France, the United States and Israel) have some of the biggest nuclear arsenals in the world. The US promises to also begin a denuclearization program but at a much slower rate and after the countries this policy targets have achieved it.

What gives these countries the right to decide who is a threat ? Until recently, the only country that has used nuclear weapons on another country and subsequently civilians has been the US. In 1945 the US dropped not 1 but 2 bombs on Japan. When this fact was brought up in an interview to the US delegate, he answered: “I think it’s important to notice the historical context we are in. Today is not same as 1945 when the nuclear bombs were launched. In that time people did not know the destructive powers of those nuclear weapons.” The delegate is right, today is not the same as 1945. But then why does the US have one of the largest nuclear arsenals if it was the only country who witnessed first hand the destructive powers of the bomb ?

Shayan Asgharian - Al Jazeera