The Wahhabi and Saudi Threat to Peace In The Middle East

The middle east is now in the middle of a crisis, that could potentially lead to an outbreak of war between Iran and Saudi Arabia. The Wahhabis are an extremist Muslim group who are followers of Muhammad Wahhab. They are commonly associated as a sect of the Sunni branch of Islam.  The sect originated in Saudi Arabia and the country has been notorious in its funding of the extremist group. “We are exceedingly concerned, because we feel the government of Saudi Arabia is somewhat, in support of these Wahhabis” said Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, commenting on the threat of the Wahhabi hijacked plane headed for the middle east.

The sect has been a threat to peace in the region attacking Shia muslim shrines like it did in the holy shrine of Mashhad, Iran. Iran under Pahlavi is an American ally and an important country in the region. Iran is predominantly Shia, what makes the Wahhabis even more likely to attack Iran, since they believe that the Shiites are heretics. Earlier this month an attack in Mashhad claimed dozens of lives, angering Iran and furthermore escalating tensions between Iran and Saudi Arabia leading to a “cold war” between the two countries.

If war breaks out between the two countries, the middle eastern region has a whole will be in chaos as they are the two main players controlling the middle east.

“We [Iran] would need to begin bringing in troops [in Saudi Arabia] and retaliate in bombing” said Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, responded the Shah when he was asked if any retaliation would be made if the Saudi-backed Wahhabis would crash the plane into a major Iranian city.

Shayan Asgharian - Al Jazeera