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East Timorese Suffer While UN Bureaucrats Argue

USSR gives a speech defending the legitimacy of the East Timor Government

(Transcript from our evening broadcast)

[Bill O’Reilly]

Good evening, America. A truly dire situation happening right now in East Timor. 300 civilians were killed and at least one school was destroyed as Indonesian forces entered the region. The security council failed today to pass any joint directive attempting to address the crisis, and the people continue to suffer. Indonesia, along with the United States, does not recognize the current government in East Timor.

America’s sustained efforts to launch a UN blue helmet mission in the region, along with a package of humanitarian aid was blocked by a USSR veto, despite garnering a majority of support in the body. East Timor replied with the comment : “I love the Cold War.”

In a one-on-one interview, East Timor critiqued American involvement, affirming that “the US does not give a crap about self-determination” and ended our interview by saying “I have a ton of oil and natural gas, just saying.” This is truly deplorable—the US is acting in good faith, attempting to solve the crisis, and East Timor (along with its Soviet ally) is blocking negotiations.

[Shepard Smith]

It’s true, Bill, that’s totally right. What I find even more interesting is how absolutely gridlocked the UN is. Disagreement is the word of the day at the Security Council, the UN body voted down two joint directives attempting solutions to this crisis. It’s truly deplorable and, in my opinion, it’s proving once again what a waste of money the UN is. We don’t need to go through the security council, and frankly it’s a waste of time. [Bill O’Reilly]

Sure, Shepard. What I find especially interesting is the budgets that governments on the Security Council are sitting on right now. According to our independent investigation, countries have allocated over a billion dollars to solve this crisis. This is money that’s sitting at the UN, doing nothing, not helping the East Timorese people who have been stuck in the middle of this and whose daily life is being completely disrupted. Now, for our special report on Utah’s tense House race.

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