Suez Crisis: The French plague that is killing North Africa: Colonialism

Since the End of the 19th century France has been literally draining Africa from its resources and now it wants to do the same with Egypt. The French Prime minister Guy Mollet said : “Tons of French colonies aren’t in France, but they belong to France”. Guy Mollet clearly only believes that socialism is for France and Only for France, therefore he shouldn’t be calling himself a socialist and shouldn’t be leading the French Section of the worker’s International.

            France’s presence tonight and its stance on the Suez Crisis was an insult to all Egyptian people. The premier of France clearly stated that the Suez Canal should belong to France since the French “built the canal” and have workers and shares in the Canal. The Canal doesn’t belong to France and won’t ever belong to it. Even if France had built it from scratch with their bare hands, the Canal is on Egyptian land and no foreign country has the right to even take a cent of profit out of it. All the profit coming out of the canal is the birthright of the Egyptian people.

            Guy Mollet also asked Egypt if they would withdraw their soldiers from Algeria, one of France’s “colonies”. To which the Abdel Hakim Amer soundly replied that they will fight colonialism anywhere. France has been robbing Algeria of all its resources, literally destroying the country and tearing it to pieces to feed “Mother France”. Yet still Guy Mollet is shocked when Algerians kill French soldiers and resist illegal French occupation. What does the premier expect? Did he think the Algerians were to watch a thieve take all their resources? No they would not and have not. The Algerians will fight tooth and Nail to reclaim their land and the Egyptians will help their Arab brethren by showing solidarity and sending troops. The French premier should open his eyes and realize that this is no longer the 18th century where France was the center of the world. Other countries are emerging and they will claim their rightful place in the world, even if it has to be by force.

            Gamal Abdel Nasser’s actions today will echo through the centuries. The nationalization of the canal is the beginning of the end of European presence in the region. He has given his people what they deserve and he has every right to do so, any other country would have done the same if not more. France, England and Israel should be ashamed of the hypocrisy they displayed today. If there is one thing dearer to a person than his or her children, it's his or her land, people will fight and sacrifice anything for what rightfully belongs to them. Therefore France should either leave the continent or be prepared to fight people that have nothing to loose anymore.

Shayan Asgharian - Al Jazeera