UNSC: BREAKING - East Timor Capital Under Siege

Tensions are high in the committee room as the city of Dili, East Timor is currently under siege from an attack from the Indonesia Army, many losses are counted yet mostly from are from the East Timor side. Currently the Security council is current at work to deal with the developing events.

East Timor is outraged by this attack and demands action from other countries and has denounced indonesia for their actions and effectively unrecognized Indonesia as a country.

The USSR has made it clear that it was a terrible action Indonesia has done on the sovereignty of the East Timorese people and desires peace in the region. Yet, Indonesia insists that the occupation of East Timor was necessary for the security of the region

Many countries including the USSR and the United states want to take actions in the events happening in the region, but are on clear disagreements of the process of it.

Countries like Nigeria and Australia has expressed more action such as a peacekeeping force to stop these atrocities from continuing.

The USSR and East Timor made it clear that the best possible solution is to force Indonesia to withdraw from East Timor and let the people have a right to self determination. Both countries believe it is the best possible solution, as they believe other countries like the United States are not stepping up to stop Indonesia from invading a sovereign territory and protect the interests of the East Timorese. Meanwhile countries like the United States and Mexico say otherwise as they believe there needs to be order in the region and have a more democratic and peaceful forms of succession. Yet, there are some murmurings that there are more ulterior motives of countries like the United States on this issue due to their interests in the region, especially on oil.  

Time will tell if peace will be achieved, if all countries cooperate on the this ongoing issue and follow the USSR’s lead in respecting the sovereignty of East Timor.

Paul Terrado - Russia Today