Leftist Wave Threatens to Sweep African Economies

African Union delegates have brought to the table many far-left ideas in the last sitting of their MUNC committee.

Spearheaded by the delegates from the likes of Tunisia and Morocco, their resolution aims at implementing measures that taxes and tariffs exports out of the continent’s nations. As a result, companies employing many Africans in the mining and production industries will face higher costs. According to Yassine Assameur, the delegate representing Tunisia explained in my one-on-one interview, “higher costs to companies will force them to invest back in Africa instead of taking our resources and sending them to Asia.”

Nationalization is another facet of the proposed resolution. Natural resources in Africa, according to Assameur, are being controlled by said large corporations. “The only way to make sure there is no corruption is to put our resources and profits in the hands of Africans,” Tunisia argues.

A watchdog will also be implemented, responsible to oversee corporations and governments for any corrupt activities. It will defer any cases necessary to a court of justice for trials.

Marty McFreedom, Sun News Economic Analyst, warns the dangers of these newly tabled measures, “Giving more money to these corrupt nations will only increase the problems Africans face on a day-to-day basis.” McFreedom argues that by imposing anti-business taxes and tariffs and impounding their various products for nationalization, African nations are just furthering their corrupt status. “Not only will this increase big government, but it will take jobs away from them hard working Africans. Just wait and see all these companies shut down.”

The African Union vote on this resolution is scheduled for later on today.

Alexander Rona - Sun News