Israel Declares War on United Arab Republic

Crisis has struck as Israel has declared war on the newly formed United Arab Republic (UAR), which includes Egypt and Sudan. The UAR is currently denying any responsibility, with the backing up of Jordan and various other states.

“Israel wants to discredit this attack for access to the canal. We suspect that the attack was staged,” states Hussein Bin Talal, representative of Jordan.

Apparently the planes that attacked Israel, while painted Egyptian, were not Egyptian tech. This suggests that either a fringe terrorist group or the Israelites themselves are behind the attacks. Israel denies this information.

“Our policy is an eye for an eye,” David Ben-Gurion Israel states. “We are just protecting our land.”

Jordan is planning to capture Jerusalem, with the help of other Arab countries.

The US has currently abstained from choosing sides.

Kaden DaCruz - CNN