Diallo, Guinea, and the DPR: ICJ Hears International Case

Ahmadou Sadio Diallo, a Guinean businessman has, according to his legal team, been unjustly Imprisoned by The Democratic Republic of Congo after being a resident for 32 years. Diallo has been imprisoned after pursuing debts owed to his businesses Africom-Zaire and Africontainers-Zaire by the Congolese state and oil companies on Congolese land in which the state has major shares.

According to ICJ records, Mr. Diallo’s basic rights have been stripped of him. Diallo also claims he has been unjustly deprived of his properties, that have been confiscated by the State of Congo. The defendant was expulsed by Congo and stripped of his businesses after his 75-day long detention in Congo.

Guinea has three main arguments that it is in the process of proving now: “Point one: Individual rights and property rights have been violated and the state that has violated these rights must be sued.” “Point two: we attribute those acts to the responsibility of the Republic of Congo.” “Three: They will pay for reparations and compensation,” according to a lawyer representing Guinea

Congo claims that it was it was in every right to expulse Mr. Diallo from their country since they are not violating any Congolese laws. Congo does not intend to repay any compensation since it claims Guinea has not correctly invoked diplomatic protection, “In the Congo’s eyes, the issue of diplomatic protection was not correctly invoked by guinea, which means they have no leg to stand on to invoke any crimes and thereby there should be no compensation payed in any matter to Guinea,” says a lawyer representing Congo

Shayan Asgharian - Al Jazeera