A judgement is coming concerning the conflict between Ukraine and Russia

The International Court of Justice (ICJ) will finally be hearing Ukraine’s AIP against the Russian Federation. 

Following the ousting of Yanukovych, after a decision in 2013 of not going through with the signature of an association agreement with the European Union that generated mass protests, Ukraine has been criticized severely by Russia.

After these events, Russia has judged it was time to intervene by putting in operation several military interventions, such as the entrance of armed forces in the peninsula of Crimea. After a month of occupation, the Republic of Crimea was admitted back in the Russian Federation, following an “illegal” referendum.

Ukraine has deposed, in January 2017, an Application Instituting Proceedings (AIP) against Russia, concerning terrorism financing and racial discriminations, which will be heard at the International Court of Justice tomorrow afternoon and on Sunday morning.

According to the AIP, Ukraine claims that Russia was financing terrorism by (1) supplying arms, financing and training to the rebels in the Donbass; (2) the shooting-down of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17; (3) the shelling of civilians in Mariupol; (4) the bombing of civilians in Karkhiv; and (5) the Russian Federation’s alleged refusal to cooperate in the prevention and the investigation of the alleged financing of terrorism by Russian nationals and organizations in Ukraine.

The claims concerning racial discrimination go as follows: (1) the organization of an illegal referendum in Crimea in the context of discrimination; (2) the discrimination against the Crimean Tatar community; and (3) the discrimination against the ethnic Ukrainians of Crimea.

Russia has either denied or not responded to these allegations.

Knowing that the judgement won’t solve everything, the international community still hopes that it will help to reduce the tensions in the area and improve the safety of the civilians of the region.

Laurence Pinet - Globe and Mail