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The UNHCR has entered voting procedures on a resolution towards a Global Compact for Refugees.

November 17, 2018, 6:00 PM

As the debate on a Global Compact for Refugees is coming to an end in the UNHCR, various draft resolutions are on the floor in the beginning of voting procedures.

A first resolution was presented by Argentina, China, Nigeria, South Africa, United Kingdom, and Uruguay, which insisted on the importance of various infrastructure, notably related to employment and education, in order to help the refugees to integrate the community.

This resolution has mainly been questioned as it would require a lot of spending from the UN, but finally passed.

Another, sponsored by India, Israel, the United States, North Korea and the Russian Federation, “emphasizes the respect of the sovereignty of countries” and “draws attention to the importance to ease pressure on host countries” while not suggesting any short term solutions. This resolution has not passed.

Canada, Fiji, Japan and Spain are sponsoring a resolution focussing on the implement of various technologies. This resolution also passed.

A fourth draft resolution from Iran, Jordan, Lebanon about finding permanent solutions to ease  the pressure on frontline countries is accurate, considering their special position in this issue, as they each give asylum to millions of refugees each, according to UNHCR reports. This resolution passed too.

The fifth draft resolution coming from Brazil, Columbia, Pakistan, and Singapore, insisting on the importance of “dividing the responsibility of each country to better the Global Compact on refugees” also passed, perceived by nations as a guideline concerning the treatment of refugees.

Two other resolutions are still in the progress of voting at the moment.

Laurence Pinet - The Globe and Mail

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