1956: The Story of Sacred Milk

All sanity that once may have belonged to anyone in the delegation concerning the once-vital ownership of the Suez has long since departed. Jerusalem has been captured without Israel even knowing. France had a coup and has been overthrown. This leaves a fascist government in its place, and an aircraft full of Wahabis heading in the direction where they can cause the most chaos, causing fear of another 9/11 (It's literally 1956. That event doesn’t exist, so why is everyone worrying).

However, in the midst of the chaos, one light sparks in the darkness. Sacred milk, a milk brand created by the countries of Canada, Panama, Indian, and Jordan has just been formed. The Panama Canal ships the Canadian dairy farmed milk out, and it has already become a major success. Canada keeps all the profit from the already multimillion dollar company which will boost Canada’s economy, and therefore ours as well. This just goes to show how even the weirdest events can reap the best results.

Kaden DaCruz - CNN