Shoot for the Canons

Upon the proposal of an auction of stolen canons on the behalf of Captain Blackbush and his sailors to both the French revolutionaries and Haitian revolutionaries, both parties were asked to propose the best possible offer to the pirates. In exchange, the Captain and his crew expected creative proposals that would include rum, gold, or even the crown.

These pieces of proper modern artillery would be a deciding factor in the current battles.

While the French brainstormed ideas of proposals such as a free one year membership to Jean Hardy’s brothel, “La Maison Hard-y”, the Haitians planned to attack the pirate ship to, in their turn, steal the canons.

The desire to attack on the Haitian side was not limited to the ship. The committee has reached an overwhelming consensus that they should shoot for an offensive strategy, while also being cautious.

The French efforts proved to be successful, they proposed the following directives:

  • Offer the Captain a position as admiral of the French navy and letters of pardon to him and his crew.

  • A donation of 25 000 francs.

  • Provide Blackbush with medals of Honor.

  • Blackbush will receive governance of Tortuga.

  • They will also receive a Bible to save their souls.

  • They will be given wine, spice rum, coffee, cacao and sugar as much as a ship can hold.

In the end, the French received the canons and now have the upper hand in the conflict. They plan to use their newly acquired resources to secure the border and the naval resources.

By Megan Le Stum – Wall Street Journal