Review on the MUNC Experience

The Montreal United Nation Conference welcomes many delegates with different backgrounds and different level of experience. As the second day of is about to end, CNN  investigated on the well being of the MUNC experience by interviewing the Chair and assistant Chair of the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees committee, Jessica Condemi, Jaspreet Kaur Dhillon, and Mary Lynne Loftus.

What do you think about the choice of topic of the committee?

“They have been really productive so far and they have put forward a few good solutions. For example, they talked about prevention and border patrol. They also mentioned the gender aspect of human trafficking, which I thought was interesting,

“I’m actually really happy. I think the other subject, Environment Migration and the Future of Displacement, on their level would have been thought to have concrete resolutions. I was afraid that maybe the debate was going to stay a little bit on the frivolous side, where as now, because human trafficking is a little bit more wide spread in the media, they are more accustomed to it, so they have come up with some good realistic ideas.”

Is there any delegate that stands out?

“There are a couple actually. It is really funny because they are working on resolutions, and France and Italy sort of had the debate, but then I’ll just tell them like, ‘guys, we need new people to speak,’ and then everyone is going to want to speak. So far, not one person has never spoken. Everyone has spoken at least one in every committee session.

“A lot of them are first timers from high school and they have never done this before and they are very enthusiastic, helpful and kind to one another. They are all collaborating a lot with each other which is so nice to see.

“We actually had to force them to separate. They wanted to form one mega block and we told them there could not have more than 10 sponsors on a resolution, so they separated in two.”

Jamila Baldé -CNN