Is True and Raw Women Empowerment not the Base Concentration of Middle Eastern Countries?

Recently, a press conference has been held during an OIC committee session and it subtly gave us the impression that they were less concerned with the effective empowerment of women and more concerned on the state political, economical, and crisis of Middle East.

Saudi Arabia, known for the sexist laws it has put up since its official foundation, has stated that  ‘all women will allowed to vote by as of June 2018’, forgetting to mention that a large proportion of them don’t vote or vote under peer societal pressure. 

The Islamic Republic of Saudi Arabia has also stated that ‘the crown prince of Saudi Arabia has issued Vision23 as a plan set out for the empowerment of women and it will go in effect by 2030’ and ended her speech with that without addressing the amount of sexual assault women face during holy pilgrimage at Mecca. 

Is Saudi Arabia still a country that could be held considerable for the advocacy of women’s rights?

Later on, the delegation of Lebanon said they have to committed to the advancement of women by ‘repealing the rape law’. Will the repeal of the rape law decrease the high increasing amount of rape occurring in Lebanon?

The committee was then asked for current and future topics. The delegation of Qatar stated, very powerfully, that even though the empowerment and equity of all sexes is important, the committee and, de facto, Qatar itself would rather like to discuss the political and crises aspect of Middle East and  the conflict within the Islamic world, stating these are of ‘greater importance’.

The neighbouring countries of India are currently, yet subtly, ignoring the struggles that half of the members of humanity must face. 

Shall we allow India, or any country, to create and keep alliances with countries like such not taking values of feminism seriously?

Mahmuda Sekendra Mahin -NDTV India