Educate, Innovate, Communicate

During the International Atomic Energy Association (IAEA), the delegates of Italy and Israel presented their working paper ‘Educate, Innovate, Communicate (EIC)’. The working paper aimed to educate and address future innovations, responsible waste management, regulations, and accountability.

The working paper discussed the education of nuclear energy and encourages endorsing nuclear education programs. This would provide a forum for for nation state technical assistance, training and supportive nuclear energy planning.

Next Generation Innovation
Another topic addressed was the implementation of decommissioning and/or modernizing old reactors that, being aging resources, pose risks. Mentions of plans to encourage the use of contemporary training systems such as simulations were also brought up. 

Waste Management
Responsible Waste Management was considered by the IAEA protocols in subterranean disposal of nuclear waste, especially concerning High Level Waste. They planned to have geological repositories that are fully validated, monitored, and maintained. 

Regulations and Accountability
Their working paper recommended the higher usage of accountability feedback assessments for improving efficiency of nuclear reactors by incorporating inspections and rulemakings. These models would essentially provide unbiased and fairly regulated bodies, and risk assessment in the nuclear industry. 

On their agenda was also implementing accountability systems to assess the models’ ability to detect and resolve regular failures and errors. 

Developing Nations
An important point addressed regarding the working paper was the developing nations’ involvement. In accordance with decisions made by the IAEA’s Board of Governors, Italy and Israel’s paper strongly reassured that there would be additional usage of the Technical Cooperation Fund to specifically target developing nations.

Aaron Ashe - The Guardian