Will major world power-countries be able to effectively find solutions on food distributions?

8:34 pm. 24th November 2017. United Nations. World Food Programme.

This year, the impressive delegates from Germany, France, Russia, Canada. Hungary, Mexico, Netherlands, United Kingdom and the Russian Federation have formed an unique alliance having in common the major idea of improving self-sufficiency in all countries and ending food dependency, in a long term manner.


Compared to other golden-considered countries such as China and Saudi Arabia, who are holding their concerns on the economy and building of infrastructures, this alliance is more in accordance with improving the state of , de facto, multiple tier-3 countries with the main goal of resulting the food aspect of all willing countries in a self-sufficient, independent from funding, and much more progressive state.


Although owning uniquely draft ideas in mind, these countries have thoughts of achieving their goal by providing enriched learning and education to local farmers, help find water harvesting, encouraging sustainable agriculture methods and improve the already existing functions around the world.


Although with hopeful and earth-friendly objectives, these countries have to consider their economical and political global stance, and considering so, will bring heated debates and new ideas on the United Nations flood this weekend.


Stay tuned to learn the future of the nutrition aspect of our collectively shared planet.

Written by Mahmuda Sekendra Mahin, NDTV India, IPF