UNSC Crisis: USA Under Siege by the Committee

The Guardian visited the UNSC committee earlier this morning during crises updates. It was reported that the Taiz airport located in the southwestern region of Yemen was sieged. 

However, the primary focus in the room appeared to be the execution of Al- Mukalla governor by Al Qaeda. 

These acts of terror lead Al-Qaeda to overtake Al-Mukalla and lead members of the committee to search for viable solutions to combat the terrorist organization.

When interviewing the United Kingdom in regards to the topic, the UK stated that it was a clear violation of international law and that there should be a push for humanitarian action.

 Chile echoed these sentiments in a previous interview and stated that they will send humanitarian aid. 

During another unmoderated caucus, countries such as Angola and China wanted to emphasize that “socialist countries alongside the United States are working on implementing directives to aid  Al-Mukalla”. They also mentioned that their primary focus was to work together to stop a “Greater Evil”. 

It is vital to note that Angola, China, and United States suggested a potential military involvement. However, it was left up for debate amongst the three. 
This debate was ultimately decided by United States when reports surfaced  that USA sent small fleets to the Gulf of Adam. 

The United States placed blockades around the red sea.
This has resulted in the committee questioning them for their actions and essential economic runnings for Europe to decrease. 

In a press conference, the United Kingdom condemned the United States’ actions and the representative of Angola added that the actions of the United States were an act worthy of being recognized as a war crime in the committee.

The United States replied stating that they were simply “helping allies”.

The Guardian