Transparency: Solution to world hunger?

World hunger is still one of the debated problems.

Syria and Puerto Rico were only two of the many countries that benefitted from the World Food Program which provides nourishment aid to countries in need.

The idea seems noble, but the actual working still has some hiccups.

When the Netherlands wanted to import food into Syria, Russian forces blocked the border and the food arriving in Syria was just left in the port for days instead of being distributed. This causes the food to become spoiled. The Netherlands insisted on focusing on this issue throughout the meeting.

Finland proposed to solve this issue with a general database of the WFP that would increase transparency. Russia agreed with this proposal for the same reasons. Additionally, Finland proposed to cut the distribution system and to invest in local agriculture. While Canada stressed the importance of being transparent about how food is distributed and the importance of teach non-self-sufficient countries to become self-sufficient to release some pressure from the system.

Hungary commented on the question about their position in this case; they believed that every individual has the right for nourishment and water. The Netherlands added to this that the delivery system should also be adapted to crisis situations and this would be possible with more transparency. However, when upon the question of whether the European Union institutions should get involved was brought up, the Netherlands remained silence.

Finland reacted to this question with enthusiasm regarding the funding that the European Commission gives to the World Food Programme and how it helps to collaborate with other countries. He also touched upon the database to increase the transparency.