The Haitian Revolution, French Colonialists: Committee Seeks a Solution for Alleged Haitian Uprising

During the Haitian Revolution (French Colonialists) committee crisis’s update, members worked on a solution on the alleged Haitian uprising.

Rumours have surged that there was a potential Haitian uprising set to take place in Port- au- Prince.

Members of the French Colonist during their moderated caucus discussed initiatives to prevent the Haitian uprising and looked for support from the newly king Napoleon for assistance. Louis Thomas Villaret de Joyeuse stated that French Colonists should send their troops but insure the safety of the people around the region.

Joyeuse also mentioned that there should be military support around the island of Saint-Domingue but the focus of the navy should be towards the borders. He believes that this will be a strong counter measure to prevent Haitians from attacking. Joyeuse encourages all delegates in the room to support the initiative to move troops to Port- au- Prince in order to take control of the situation.

The focus of the unmoderated caucus pushed towards solutions that could not be further discussed.

The Guardian