India’s Fake Contribution to Progressing Artificial Intelligence on an International Scale.

10:42pm. 2nd session of United Nations. 25th of November. World Health Organization.

Before beginning the threshold of arguments and agreements one may contain for or against a delegation, it a must that we critique the dais’ decision on not involving the topic of funding whereas this is key base of any effective progress. Once again, the U.N. has failed to bring effectiveness to its much debated and insightful ideas.

Furthermore, during an unmoderated caucus, India joined itself in an alliance with Saudi Arabia, Spain, Japan, Jordan, Czech Republic, New Zealand And Argentina.

 They have brought together the main draft idea of creating a global summit, bringing in ‘voluntary’ inspections, talks on mistakes and accidents occurring potentially during AI, bringing in more suggestions about legislations and platforms and, as a short-term goal, innovating ways and discourses that favorize the implementation of artificial intelligence in developing countries.

Although already working in a body committee denouncing the topic of funding, India would be very minimally able to bring insightful thoughts that would globally affect the health aspect. Especially when it could barely bring or even find ways of doing so with food, let alone such futuristic and expensive technology or doctors to rural regions. 

More than 65% of the Indian population only had one vaccine in their entire lifetime and had, on average, 2 to 3 check-ups per 5 years. The current corrupted BJP government of India has bought more internal infections itself, by either selling addictive drugs to win votes or allowing private companies to do so, and no citizen of the world can imagine how such a corrupted government would be capable of contributing to ‘world health’ when it cannot even fix the internal government instability. 

Will the Indian government ever be able to progress and not side with the dark side of politics?

Mahmuda Sekendra Mahin, NDTV India