Published time: 24 Nov, 2017 8:45

Edited time: 24 Nov, 2017 8:50



Countries such as The United-States, Cameroun, Bangladesh and many more are currently suffering of high rates of human trafficking, making them stand out on the top 20 list of such issue.


What makes these countries so vulnerable of human trafficking and abuse is the lack of control on borders, residents and criminal agencies present in the country.


The Office of the United Nations Commissioner for Refugees pleads its country representatives to assess this issue, now spreading across the globe. Many countries such as Africa, Turkey and Japan stand by the idea of strengthening border patrol, law enforcements and creating preventive measures such as raising public awareness and limiting inequality between men and women within countries in order to avoid making women an economical aid being sold by traffickers.


Although these ideas were pleasantly shared within the delegates present at the meeting, Japan shared an avant-garde thought; “We strongly believe that it will not be possible to prevent human trafficking without uniting our community.” A few countries echoed that sentiment but many remained silent on the subject.


The question remains on weather the countries will unite or not, financially and socially, on finding human trafficking roots, creating preventive awareness campaigns and more.

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