Funding of Refugees or concrete solution of the Syrian War?

This evening, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation met to discuss current issues concerning the Refugee Crisis.

During the negotiations, there were two proposals that took over. On one hand, Iraq and Syria proposed short-term solutions by funding the infrastructure of refugee camps and the rebuilding of warzones in order to send refugees back home.

On the other hand, Egypt and Indonesia wanted to find, together with Iran, a concrete solution to the war as they have the opinion that funding is hard to find and will not provide a solution to all countries hosting the refugees.

Qatar was more concerned about the trauma that the refugees endure and wants to provide trauma centres to reintroduce the stateless to society and in consequence, have them contribute to society and the economy rather than burden it.

Bangladesh, as a host country, wanted to receive funding to expand the building of refugee camps while Qatar proposed to give the financial aid needed and urged the other states of the organisation to do the same.

At the end of this meeting, the question remains whether funding should be increased or whether a concrete, long-term solution should be provided.