Artificial Intelligence: We Are Entering a Danger Zone.


The World Health Organisation is currently in talks about the implementation of Artificial Intelligence in the healthcare system. This emerging technology has yet to be tested rigorously and is still considered to be in its infancy by many experts.

France would like to see more regulation on these technologies and would rather concentrate their resources towards more useful things such as immunization of the population against dangerous pathogens.

Countries such as Argentina Australia, Jordan and UAE have supported heavy regulation of these technologies before considering its implementation. These countries (all from different economic standpoints) agreed on this topic and give hope to see progress on the international stage..

However, we have countries such as Austria, Israel, Mexico, Romania, Norway who supported their implementation as quickly as possible. This poses a danger to their peoples and patients. As we saw earlier this year, the UK’s healthcare system got attacked causing distress across the country.  We cannot have this occur in any modern country.

The CEO of Tesla has expressed his concern on AI technologies, recently calling for more regulation and research on the concerns facing this emerging technology.  If those who wish for progress do not want to bring it down upon themselves, they should listen to their technological idol.

Victor Cruz -Fox News