Action on Nuclear Power by Spreading Awareness Through Education


This morning, the member states of the IAEA committee debated on nuclear power in the 21st century. Member states proposed various ideas on framing the issues concerning the topic at stake, such as working on funding developing nations for nuclear energy, constructing accountability solutions, improving the technology used, implementing safeguards in order to insure the security and safety of the countries that are concerned in the using of nuclear energy, and innovating for the next generation’s safety features in nuclear facilities.

Another perseverant project that had been discussed, which aims to include the achieving of all of those workings, was the establishment of educational platforms in order to frame cyber security knowledge and emphasize its importance so present and future generations can raise innovative solutions. As the delegate of United States of America claimed, “we must educate, communicate and involve” to insure consciousness of the importance of safe accessibility to nuclear weapon. In these conditions, “innovation means to do the best that we can with the best that we have,” and the best tool that can provide sustainable solutions remains education. The project discussed aims to offer the population a better understanding of the issues and condition of the using of nuclear energy so that it can become more secure and accessible to the individuals in the countries that didn’t have it before. Some of the member states that considered developing a strategy to put this idea in action were the United States of America, Australia, Italy, and South Korea. The committee was divided between the work on fostering education and fostering security.

Shortly, concrete solutions will be written in the IAEA committee about this matter.

Radio Canada