Staff of the Montreal United Nations Conference 2017

Composed with over 80 individuals, this year's staff is the largest and most diverse. It includes representation from Carleton University, Champlain College, Collège Jean-de-Brébeuf, Concordia University, Dawson College, École Polytechnique de Montréal, HEC Montréal, John Abbott College, Marianopolis College, McGill University, Texas A&M University, Université de Montréal, University of Ottawa, University of Rome Tor Vergata, Université de Sherbrooke and Vanier College.


Secretary-General: Jonathan Sasson (Université de Montréal, Faculty of Law)
Under-Secretary-General for Administration: George Stoyanov (Concordia University)
Under-Secretary-General for Delegate Relations: Ommu-Kulsoom Jumada Abdul-Rahman (McGill University)
Under-Secretary-General for Committees: Shehrbano Jamali Niazi (McGill University)
Under-Secretary-General for Finance & Business: Christelle Tessono (McGill University)

Senior Staff

Director of Operations: Bakry Alsaieq (Vanier College)
Director of Operations: Jia Rong Shao (Marianopolis College)
Director of Photography & Video: Samuel Miriello (Concordia University)
Director of Public Relations: Ashton Mathias (McGill University)
Director of Committees: Yu Cai Tian (Université de Montréal, Faculty of Law)
Director of Committees: Michael Di Giorgio (Marianopolis College)


World Health Organization (WHO)
Chair: Feodora Chouakri (McGill University)
Assistant Chair: Anthi Tsobou (McGill University)
Assistant Chair: Laurel Lennox (McGill University)
Assistant Chair: Lilia Brahimi (McGill University)

Office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)
Chair: Jessica Condemi (McGill University)
Assistant Chair: Camille Cockerton (Carleton University)
Assistant Chair: Denise Mely (Dawson College)
Assistant Chair: Mary Lynne Loftus (McGill University)

United Nations Environment Assembly (UNEA)
Chair: Valeria Lau (Dawson College)
Assistant Chair: Annelies Coessens (Concordia University)
Assistant Chair: Benjamin Colpron (McGill University)
Assistant Chair: Lucie Belzile (Collège Jean-de-Brébeuf)

United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF)
Chair: Charline Côté-Lessard (McGill University)
Assistant Chair: Elizabeth Franceschini (Champlain College)
Assistant Chair: Julia Singerman (Marianopolis College)
Assistant Chair: Juliette Ryan-Lortie (McGill University)

Union africaine (UA)
Président : Sid Djahlat (Dawson College)
Vice-présidente : Adeline Guedegbe (Dawson College)
Vice-présidente : Ines Zerrouki (Dawson College)
Vice-présidente : Marianne Bellemare (Université de Montréal, Faculty of Law)

United Nations Security Council (UNSC)

Crisis Team
Crisis Director: Alexander Karasick (McGill University)
Assistant Crisis Director: Darena Muca (Concordia University)
Assistant Crisis Director: Eric Sader (Dawson College)
Assistant Crisis Director: Jeremy Allen (McGill University)
Assistant Crisis Director: Luisa Falcone (University of Rome Tor Vergata)
Assistant Crisis Director: Massimo Lipari (Dawson College)
Assistant Crisis Director: Nina Fairbrother (Dawson College)
Assistant Crisis Director: Rana Gaffar (Marianopolis College)
Assistant Crisis Director: Sabrina Sutherland (McGill University)
Assistant Crisis Director: SooYun Cho (Université de Montréal, Faculty of Law)

Chair: Amory Benk (Concordia University)
Assistant Chair: Charles Roy (John Abbott College)
Assistant Chair: Samah Khandker (Marianopolis College)

World Food Programme (WFP)
Chair: Patrick O’Donnell (McGill University)
Assistant Chair: Claudia Leung (McGill University)
Assistant Chair: Marie-Pier Thibault-Messier (McGill University)
Assistant Chair: Shubhanker Joshi (McGill University)

International Court of Justice (ICJ)
Chair: Alec Sader (McGill University, Faculty of Law)
Assistant Chair: Ryan Nathan (Concordia University)
Assistant Chair: Yu Chen Ding (Collège Jean-de-Brébeuf)

United Nations Global Compact Board (UNGCB)
Chair: Cassandra Moschella (McGill University)
Assistant Chair: Amanda Clohosy (Dawson College)
Assistant Chair: Julienne Wang (Université de Montréal, Faculty of Law)
Assistant Chair: Nicholas Rousseau (Marianopolis College)

International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)
Chair: Andréa Baptiste (McGill University, Faculty of Law)
Assistant Chair: Dalton Liggett (John Abbott College)
Assistant Chair: Ki Young Son (École Polytechnique de Montréal)
Assistant Chair: Sean Aoun (McGill University)

Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC)
Chair: Syed Haziq Masood (Texas A&M University)
Assistant Chair: Adriana Franco (McGill University)
Assistant Chair: Mona Maarabani (John Abbott College)
Assistant Chair: TBA

Haitian Revolution of 1791 – 1804 (HR)

Crisis Team
Co-Crisis Director: Alexander Rigante (Université de Montréal, Faculty of Law)
Co-Crisis Director: Gabriel Guppy (Concordia University)
Assistant Crisis Director: Andrew Fawaz (McGill University)
Assistant Crisis Director: Anthony Di Benedetto (Concordia University)
Assistant Crisis Director: Dimitrios Valkanas (Dawson College)
Assistant Crisis Director: Mercedes Alexia Tabah (University of Ottawa)
Assistant Crisis Director: Myriam Babin (Concordia University)
Assistant Crisis Director: Parminder Cheema (McGill University)
Assistant Crisis Director: Paul Kaiser (McGill University)
Assistant Crisis Director: Stephann Sahmkow (Concordia University)
Assistant Crisis Director: Victor Martin (McGill University)
Assistant Crisis Director: Victoria Bolanos-Roberts (Concordia University)

Dais of the French Colonialists
Chair: Issa Ammari (Université de Montréal, Faculty of Law)
Assistant Chair: Sabrina Rahman (Dawson College)

Dais of the Haitian Revolutionaries
Chair: Alexandre Vachon (McGill University)
Assistant Chair: Angela Du (Concordia University)

International Press Forum (IPF)
Director: Samuel Miriello (Concordia University)
Assistant Director: Hawa Maiga (McGill University)
Assistant Director: Ioana Zamfir (Dawson College)
Assistant Director: Lauren Parison (McGill University)
Assistant Director: Sara Temessek (Vanier College)
Assistant Director: Simon Guevara-Ponce (Dawson College)


Faculty: Chris Bourne (Dawson College)
Faculty: Ted Irwin (Dawson College)