Organized by Dawson College, the Montreal United Nations Conference has seen consistent growth each November since its foundation five years ago. At each conference edition, we organize a larger number of committee simulations and welcome more participants.

Our sponsors are vital to making that possible and allowing us to deliver the experience that we have become known for. This year, we are working to accommodate more than 500 participants from throughout Canada and beyond. In 2016, we welcomed international delegates for the first time to Model UN in Montreal. 

We invite you and your organization to join us as a partner for this year's simulation through a sponsorship or advertisements. There are extensive sponsorship opportunities available to you making your investment in our conference experience all the worthwhile. 

If you would like to partner with us, please email Christelle Tessono, Under-Secretary-General for Finance & Business, at finance@m-unc.org or fill out the following form:

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Partner conferences

Elbe Arian International Model United Nations (EAIMUN 2017)
Kabul, Afghanistan
November 23-26, 2017
300+ Delegates

Elbe Ariana International Model United Nations (EAIMUN) is Afghanistan’s first Model United Nation hosting international delegates from across Europe and Asian countries. The event will be organized by a group of experienced MUNers and Students in the historical city of Kabul, Afghanistan. The idea of Elbe Ariana International Model United Nations originates from the elbMUN conference which is based in Dresden city of Germany. 


European Model United Nations (EuroMUN 2018)
Maastricht, Netherlands
May 10-13, 2018
500+ Delegates

500 delegates, 380 days of planning, 40 Junior staffers, 30+ nationalities, 11 years of experience, 8 secretariat members, 4 days, all this within a conference of academic excellence: EuroMUN 2018. The conference is based in Europe but also focused on the World and in today’s world it is more important than ever to find solutions to pressing topics, while maintaining a good sense of diplomacy. The conference mirrors the times in which we live today: the ambivalent and extraordinary complex environment we develop ourselves in. What makes EuroMUN special are its high-quality debates, 13+ interesting simulated committees and an unforgettable cultural and social experience. Innovation, sustainability, excellence, equality and inclusiveness will be the themes at the core of this year’s conference. Sign up now for the unforgettable experience of EuroMUN 2018: “Shaping the Future from the Heart of Europe”


Münster University International Model United Nations (MUIMUN 2018)
Münster, Germany
March 24-28, 2018
200+ Delegates

Experience one of the biggest and most established MUNs in Germany! The next edition of MUIMUN will provide its participants with the chance to debate in several English-, Spanish- and French-speaking committees, working together with over 200 delegates from all over the world in the beautiful city of Münster, Germany. Discussing this year's conference topic "Might Makes Right? - Challenging Power and Privilege", MUIMUN will be a great experience for First Timers as well as experienced  MUNers. The conference offers a unique atmosphere of social and international diversity tied together by the magical MUIMUN spirit. The city castle is Münster’s main attraction and an ideal place to set the scene for diplomatic discussions, relations and spectacular socials. There will be scholarships available for international delegates. Last but not least, MUIMUN also offers the workshop programme “MUIMUN meets experts”, covering a wide variety of topics linked to the United Nations. The workshops last one afternoon during the conference and give the delegates a chance to get a glimpse of UN related work in reality.