Position papers are an excellent research tool and serve to demonstrate a delegate’s understanding of the topics in relation to their character. The paper should address all the topics found in the background guide of your committee. Delegates are recommended to begin by summarizing the issues present in the first topic and then provide proposals that their character would support, given their understanding of that individual. Do the same for the next topic.

When composing the position paper, delegates are welcome to use the following as guiding questions:

  • How do the issues affect your character?

  • How would your character respond to the issues?

  • Does your character have any knowledge or relevant experience dealing with the issues?

  • Which characters in your committee might have a similar viewpoint as your character?

Aim for 200 words per topic. Furthermore, include any relevant information such as statements made by your character, actions they have done, and statistics to back up your position. Delegates are recommended to use clear and simple language in their position papers. The paper should be between one to two pages. References to sources should be provided, where applicable. The title of your document should include the name of your committee and your character. 

Position papers are a prerequisite to winning awards.

The due date for submitting your position paper to committees@m-unc.org is November 20, 2019