António Guterres

United Nations Secretary-general

Thank you for taking part in the Model United Nations and for getting involved in some of the biggest issues of our time: peace, climate action, sustainable development and human rights.

Our world has achieved remarkable progress in recent years, from increasing life expectancy to reducing child mortality. In the span of just one generation, the number of people living in extreme poverty has been reduced by more than a billion.

But these gains face big risks. Climate change is an existential threat and the defining challenge of our time. You are the first generation to grow up in the shadow of climate change and the last who can prevent its worst consequences. The world needs your strong engagement to increase ambition, to cut emissions and to hold leaders to account.

The United Nations is the platform for action on climate change, on growing inequality, on harnessing new technologies for the good of all, and on all global issues that cannot be addressed by any one country alone. Our blueprint is the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development – the globally-agreed plan for dignity, peace and prosperity on a healthy planet.

To achieve the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, we need a great global mobilization that goes beyond governments, bringing people together from all walks of life and showing that international cooperation can deliver for everyone. The voices of women and girls, and of young people, are essential.

That is why the Model United Nations is so important. Thank you for getting involved, and for standing up for the shared values of all humanity.

I hope you will take what you learn here into your lives, to your family and friends and to the wider world. The United Nations counts on you to be agents of change as we strive to build a better future for all.

Fang Liu.png


International Civil Aviation Organization Secretary general

In this 75th anniversary year of the Convention on International Civil Aviation and the establishment of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), I am particularly pleased to welcome all the students and organizers who will be participating in this edition of the Montreal United Nations Conference (MUNC).

This seventh edition of MUNC brings the next generation of ambitious, creative, and inspirational leaders to the heait of the World Capital of Civil Aviation: innovative and cosmopolitan Montreal. This highly dynamic metropolis is the perfect setting in which to explore new forms of social entrepreneurship and experience a productive immersion in international diplomacy, aimed at addressing our most urgent global concerns.

As the Secretary General of ICAO, the only United Nations agency headquartered in this country, I am deeply honoured to be able to express to the 2019 MUNC delegates the hope and support of all of the United Nations offices which are based here.

Your deliberations will be cross-cutting and address many of the major challenges faced by humanity today. Sustainable and inclusive development through technological and social innovation will no doubt be at the centre of many of the debates that will take place. On this point, I would like to encourage you to reflect upon the crucial and unique contributions of international air connectivity to this development, in light not just of our historic anniversary and the special importance of your host city, but also in consideration of the transformative technological and operational expansions we are observing. Your participants are all invited to visit our premises to learn more about the opportunities aviation is facing, as well as our success in addressing similar challenges in the past.

I believe the ideas and enthusiasm you bring to this year's assemblies and committees could have consequences that reach far beyond the walls of your conference venue, helping to spur important contributions to the future well-being of our planet and its peoples.

I wish you all a very productive, engaging and provocative conference.




Welcome to Dawson College for the 2019 edition of the Montreal United Nations Conference.

During this three-day international relations simulation, you will practise the art of debating and solving problems in the spirit of collaboration. In the process, you will discover how important our institutions are and how valuable dialogue is for our democracy. Through lively exchanges with other delegates and historical recreations of international crises, you will learn how to handle challenges in the future.

I hope you turn the knowledge you gain here into action—that is the real challenge!

Just know that you have the talent, the will and the dedication to make the world a better place. Have passion, vision and opinions. And choose to be the leader that enacts change, not just the one who wishes for it. Because no matter what your goal is, you can achieve it.

Today and always, aim high and dare to dream!


Justin Trudeau

Prime Minister of Canada

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the 2019 Montreal United Nations Conference (MUNC).

Since its inception in 2013, MUNC has empowered thousands of students from every corner of the map to showcase their immense talent and engage in dynamic debate.

I believe that youth are not just the leaders of tomorrow, they are the leaders of today, and the actions taken now can have a significant and lasting impact on the world around us. The engaging debates and discussions held throughout this event are a vital part of your experience, which will contribute to meaningful and thought-provoking learning. The friendships and experiences you make here will remain with you for a lifetime.

Thank you to the dedicated organizers of this amazing event and to all of you who are in attendance. Please accept my warmest welcome and best wishes for an inspiring and successful conference.


françois Legault

Premier of Quebec

I would like to extend a warm welcome to the participants in the Montreal United Nations Conference (MUNC). Your passion for the most significant global challenges is inspiring and, above all, reassuring for our future.

The MUNC’s success from year to year reflects Québec’s importance on the international scene and Montréal’s renown as a city open to the world. Above all, it reveals the strength of curious, mobilized, determined young people. The MUNC is contributing to giving you the tools to achieve self-fulfillment and participate in our society’s key debates. I would like to congratulate the organizing committee for this success and its contribution to training a committed up-and-coming generation.

I hope that this conference will enable you to broaden your reflection on today’s economic, social and environmental challenges. Like you, I believe that it is through cooperation that we will succeed in meeting these challenges and seizing the opportunities that the future holds in store. Over the next three days, do not hesitate to put forward your ideas, which will enable us to build a more prosperous, fairer world.

Best wishes for a successful conference!


Martin Girard //

Valérie Plante

Mayor of Montreal

I would like to extend a warm welcome to you and to thank you for visiting Montreal and for attending this important event that favors exchanges and debates pertaining to major international issues. You will discover that our city is home to numerous international organizations who, through the talent of their employees, take on the daily challenges of cooperation.

A strong team has come together to host this 7th Conference. Just like you, they are students and come from various horizons: political science, economics, journalism, social science and finance. I was thrilled to see their involvement, not only as volunteers with the Montreal United Nations Conference, but also with other national and international organizations. I greatly admire their numerous commitments.

By taking part in these debates, you too are showing that you are committed to finding solutions and to developing your ability to get people on board -- both qualities that I hold dear. Cities are key players in overcoming international challenges and they rely on citizens like you to add their voices to the discussions.

I wish you fruitful debates and an excellent stay with us. Enjoy these simulations to the fullest and explore every new encounter. You will doubtlessly meet these collaborators again as you pursue your commitments, and you will be glad to have met them here, in Montreal.


Yves Lalumière 

president & chief executive officer, tourisme montréal

On behalf of Tourisme Montréal and our city’s tourism industry professionals, I would like to welcome you to Montreal for the 7th edition of the Montreal United Nations Conference.

Montreal is a vibrant, innovative, and innately creative urban destination. Make the most of your free time and explore its dynamic streets, get to know the locals, sample its legendary cuisine, and soak up its ever-changing cultural scene. It’s a city whose spirited ambiance and charming style win hearts over, and we are thrilled to be able to share all its sights and sounds with you!