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Paul Clarke

Executive Director

Paul worked for 33 years in the Canadian banking industry, including 17 years as a branch manager. In February 2013, Paul joined Action Réfugiés Montreal. He seized the opportunity to work towards social justice. The organization has doubled in scope in the last five years.

Action Réfugiés Montréal seeks justice for asylum-seekers and refugees. They promote partnerships among refugees, faith communities and society at large for mutual empowerment. Through their programs they provide hope and assistance while raising awareness of refugee rights. Founded in 1994, Action Réfugiés Montréal now has six employees. They have enabled over 1,000 refugees to be sponsored to live in Canada. Every year they bring legal information and moral support to over 200 persons detained at the Immigration Holding Centre in Laval. They match refugee women living in Montreal with local residents in order to reduce social isolation and enhance integration into local society. They deliver presentations to over 1,000 people every year and are frequent guests in media interviews