Directorate Position DESCRIPTIONS

Director for Administration: The Director for Administration is tasked with conference logistics. They establish the conference schedule and select the rooms to be used at the conference venue. Furthermore, they plan the room layouts. They are equally charged with organizing the conference ceremonies and social events. They are responsible for securing sponsorships including travel, accommodation and food discounts. They are responsible for managing conference services (i.e., printing, drinking water, WIFI, notepads, etc.). They also coordinate the delegate resource room.

Director for Committees: The Director of Committees selects the committees and their staff. They therefore act as chief of staff, responsible for communicating with staff members on a regular basis as well as planning frequent social events for them. They are additionally responsible for overseeing the progress of each committee, including the background guides, character lists, crisis arcs and country assignments. They must have strong writing, editing, and research skills in addition to knowledge on current events. They are tasked with planning and organizing trainings. They organize the committee dinners at the conference. The Director of Committees recruits committee pages and crisis staffers, in addition to providing their training and coordination at the conference.

Director for Delegate Relations: The Director of Delegate Relations communicates frequently with interested participants and conference attendees. They lead the effort in recruiting delegates to participate at the conference. They monitor incoming correspondence to the conference and distribute them, if needed, to the appropriate personnel. The Director of Delegate Relations manages conference registration and invitation letters. At the conference, they oversee the delegate services desk attending to the needs of participants.

Director for Media: The Director of Media manages the media platforms of the conference and is responsible for the creation of promotional material. Additionally, they are tasked with planning and executing a comprehensive marketing strategy for the conference. Furthermore, the Director of Media designs the conference branded materials (i.e., delegate handbooks, placards, badges, etc.). The Director of Media is charged with recruiting, managing and coordinating a team of photographers and videographers for the conference.


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